Trenching & Excavation

When a water main breaks we understand the inconvenience that comes with having to excavate a site to repair or replace the damage. Our responsibility to our customers is to mitigate the overall impact, time, and the cost to get the job done.

Adam’s Plumbing and Pumps has a wide variety of professional equipment for excavating and trenching.

This service includes installing, maintaining and repairing septic tanks, excavating for new water and sewer lines to run out to a garage or independent buildings, and water hookups. We install, maintain, repair, and upgrade wells and cisterns for residential, commercial, and farm and agricultural purposes.

We are professionally trained, licensed, certified, and equipped to complete any project.

Wells & Cisterns

Water filters improve the taste, smell and appearance of drinking and can remove some chemical substances. Filters are inexpensive and easily available as a method for purifying water. Note however that water filters are not 100 per cent. Filters are labelled for their purpose, such as removing chlorine or lead. There are many models and combinations of filters and it’s important to research the proper filter for your needs. We provide free consultation if you need a professional opinion.

Abandoned wells should be properly decommissioned to keep toxins and contaminants from entering groundwater and compromising drinking water for others.

Cisterns are an environmentally friendly way to collect water, such as rainwater harvesting, for reuse. If this water is intended to be used for residential use it can be equipped with water purification systems. Other cisterns are supplied from wells using electric pumps and push water to homes. It is important for well water to be tested regularly for contaminants and for cisterns to be inspected and cleaned.